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How to Create Bootable Mac OS X USB Pen Drive


Make A Bootable USB Disk of OSX 10.11El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite or 10.9 Mavericks

Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX Using TransMac

Step 1.  First,  download TransMac software for Windows and install it on PC. The Installation process is very easy. Once you’ve installed then Open Transmac Software. Right-click on the flash that you want to create bootable for Mac with TransMac software then choose “Restore with disk image“.

Make A Bootable USB Disk of OSX 10.11El Capitan

Step 2.  Now, a warning message will be shown to you. Click “Yes“.

warning MSg of Max os

Step 3. A new dialog box will show  pop up, click on the three dots then choose your Mac operating system .dmg file.

Restore MAC os image

Step 4. After choosing the Mac OS dmg file, click “OK” button. This is going to take around some minutes.

Your USB Flash drive is ready for installing Mac operating system on Windows or on Mac itself.

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